Friday, January 6

First babble of 2012

How did that happen?!
Things are slowing down..I know I said that last time.
3 weeks ago, when I last posted.
My timing was off.
A bit.

Henry had his neuro appointment on Wednesday.
He's doing great!  Still under restrictions, but he's allowed a lot more freedom.  We can go for real walks again..and he's allowed way more supervised time out of the crate.
NO more neuro appointments.  No more vet appointments at all, unless he exhibits worrisome symptoms or lack of progress.  WOOO!
Retail is Evil.
Michael has been working a lot of Christmas chaos.
I HATE this.  I'm waking up just as he's getting home.
It throws off my whole day.  I miss him!
We've had one good snow..the rest has been rain.
And mud.
Tons of mud.
Is it summer yet?
Because of our rainy, muddy winter I miss:

Flowers...fresh veggies and fruit...

My snakes!

I even miss Pig.

That alone should tell you I'm losing my grip.

If things would stay frozen...and we would get Real Snow...I wouldn't be yearning for spring.