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Click, learn, buy,
 Links to things I love.

We know I'm an angry hermit, so online shopping is my love.
You also know, if you read any posts on this blog, I'm the freaking Queen of Amazon.

Use my affiliate link, dammit.  No cost to you, they throw some change my way.
And you have my eternal love. God knows you all want THAT.

I also love ebates. I have actually gotten cash back as promised. A minor miracle!

THIS GUY has known me since I was an innocent young lass of 16. 
Funny and wickedly smart, now he's an author.  If I didn't enjoy the books, I wouldn't be recommending you buy them. I'm not THAT loyal.
Strangely, I do not appear in any of his works. What the hell, man?! Do I have to blog some of our capers to get a freakin' mention?!

The guru of dogs.  Seriously.
Buy all dog related items through HER Amazon affiliate link.
 She's a godsend to dogs and their people.  
Read read read. Learn learn learn. 
No judgment, no BS..my dogs and I adore her. 
Sarah Wilson is the reason my dogs are remotely normal. Left to me, they would be insane hyenas (more than they are now).

Other trainers I adore:

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