Wednesday, April 16

Sooo this happened.

I'm alive. Birding a TON.
Really. It's spring (aside from 23 degrees and snow right now).. Gardening to share!
Miss you all!

I finally saw an osprey. And the jerk does THIS on camera. Only me. *eyeroll*

Monday, January 6

Sunday.. Day of rest. HA.

Day of rest, my foot.
I went out to feed the birds and heard running water.
We don't have a creek.. Or water feature.. So what the hell?
The hose access was corroded, and shattered. In the main line.


Called water co to shut it off, and started digging. My mom came to help.
Much mud, blood, and profanity.
Brute force isn't always a good thing, but when your connections look like mine.. Go HULK on them.


Happily, all was fixed with ONE Lowes trip and a pint of blood (mine). Water repaired and turned back on just before dark. YEAH, baby!

Hopefully I didn't accidentally work some dark ritual with a mix of blood, iron and dirt.
I do have that clown to worry about. ;)

Friday, January 3

Holy water!

I just stumbled across this tiny freak.. In my closet.
I thought I tossed it years ago.
Cleanse it with fire! Get the Holy water!
Thinking Brain knows it's a toy. Vintage, at that.
Primitive Brain says KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Thursday, January 2


We started the New Year with Michael walking in to find me wearing a headlamp and wielding a power drill.
He looked at me for a moment, and said, "I don't even want to know.".
Yep, new year, same me.