Saturday, November 19

Asking for a little love..

and healing to be sent our way.

Henry (our Jack Russell/Beagle mix) had surgery yesterday.
He went from stiff and sore to dragging his rear legs in the blink of an eye...terrifying.
No injury that we know of, no tumble off the couch.  Nothing.
Off to our wonderful regular vet clinic.
Our vet sent us to a neurologist at PVSEC.
  (If you are remotely near the Beaver and Pittsburgh PA areas...these vets are AMAZING.  I went them to treat me!)
Xrays, bloodwork and an MRI later- herniated disc and material from that disc had migrated into additional disc spaces.
He was an excellent candidate for this surgery.  90-95% chance of total recovery. He's got a slim chance of a wobble in his walk, but Henry will consider that a pimp swagger and not a medical wobble.
After hearing these amazing odds from the surgeon, we gave the go-ahead.
He came through surgery with flying colors.  Textbook.
He was moving his back legs while coming out of anesthesia!

Now, here comes the Reality part of this...and the PSA...

Estimate for diagnostics and surgery? 5 grand +..and then comes post-op care.
Henry is now the 5 thousand dollar footlong.
We all say we would do anything for our pets..and we mean it..but there comes a time when finances matter to most of us.
There is nothing quite so awful as discussing if you can afford to restore the use of your pet's legs.
If you can afford this, or must put them down because their condition will continue to degrade.

We all say we would do anything, but that isn't always possible.
 If you know someone in this position, don't ever judge them. Please.
We were fortunate enough to pull this off, but we DID have that discussion. I cannot express how that made us feel, and I can't imagine being with people who would judge us for questioning if we could afford it.

We might be eating Ramen noodles formed into the shape of a Thanksgiving turkey, lighting the house with candlelight and setting fire to the coffee table for heat..but..we've got Henry.

He has to stay the weekend, but he will be coming home.
Raining terror and hellfire down on the household as he always does.
Thank God.

Henry, Hank the Tank, Round Mound of Hound:

He might be a little gray in the face now, but he rocks it like Sean Connery. 

As you can see, he lives a hard life.

Send a little love his way..