Tuesday, November 15


We're celebrating Michael's birthday today.

Happy Happy Birthday to the Ultimate Husband/World's Best Dog Dad/Our Superhero!

Every year, I'm ready to bust out my culinary skill and make something amazing for dinner.
Every year, he asks for...tacos.  Plain tacos. Not even homemade shells!

Every year, I want to do something fantastic for his birthday.
Every year, he wants a quiet evening at home with just us.
(not me.  I expect parades and fanfare and statues erected in my honor. Strangely, this has not gone as planned)

Michael has an insanely stressful day at work ahead (yeah, Happy BDay, babe).
Dinner and his comfy clothes will be ready and waiting.
Blueberry cobbler and vanilla bean ice cream to follow.
His weirdo choice again.  Where's the freakin' CAKE!?
Maybe I'll bake one just in case.
We're also celebrating the day we met...
We met 18 years ago today!
Eighteen years.  Holy Mother of WhereDidTheTimeGo.
My best friend was dating Michael's best friend. I got invited to his birthday party..single guy..single girl..
"HA!", I said. "I'm not going as the birthday gift.  Forget it!".  We see how that turned out.
I expected a hard-partying, womanizing jerk (like his friends)..instead, I met a quiet, gentle guy with razor sharp wit.  We've been together since that night.
I was 18 when we met, and my Gram hated every boyfriend I'd had (smart woman, they were morons).
She met Michael and said, "He's a good one.  He'll be there through it all".
Even my psychotically protective uncles loved him.
Sometimes teenage girls can listen to good advice!

Here's to you, Sugar, for being there through it all and celebrating the little things with me.

Happy birthday, Michael.

Thank you for....

Being silly and funny and ridiculous...

Sharing the bed with a horde

Being willing to drive 5 hrs so the dogs can play on a beach

Hiking, no matter how worn out you are..

Just being There for us.

Birthdays make me sappy.
My regularly scheduled sarcasm will return tomorrow ;)