Wednesday, November 23

Slow down..

I can't keep up!  With anything!
It's a good thing I'm a semi-hermit...between Henry's med schedule and physical therapy and the household stuff, I don't have time to actually LEAVE.
Being a semi-hermit, I don't mind..but holy crow.

Henry blew past the curve for walking and leg use.
4-5 weeks, the surgeon/neurologist said.
4-5 weeks before he might attempt to walk or use his legs.
"HA", Henry said.
It's a damned good thing he's in a sling, or I would be having heart failure trying to slow him down.
Wait, I'm still having heart failure, but just more controlled.

Henry, shaved and glued.  

He's still walking like a drunk..muscle memory is kicking in, but it takes some time.
I don't think the 2 kinds of pain meds 3 times a day help with his drunken careening, either.
Not that we care.  No pain is our goal.
Careen away, Henry...and enjoy your meds!

He's feeling well and getting spoiled.
His Auntie Lacey bought a creepy-ass monkey for him.
I hate that damned thing.  Monkeys creep me out.
C'mon, you've seen Outbreak! Monkey-induced plague.
Toy monkeys are especially creepy.
You read Stephen King's The Monkey..monkey-induced death!

Devil monkey waiting for me to sleep...
so it can spread plague and/or cause an Unfortunate Accident.
Henry is messing with me over the devil monkey.  He has to have it with him. Must Have Monkey in his crate.
He arranges it carefully by his head before sleeping.
Creepy damned thing.
Monkey, not dog.

You see his microplush fleece blankets?
Lacey and I sat up until midnight hand sewing fleecey snuggle blankets for his orthopedic beds.
You would think he'd be grateful.

I may be stoned, but I can tell this blanket isn't from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
This is discount store crap, isn't it?!

After I arrange for dog sitting, I have to venture out today to buy something for Thanksgiving dinner.
Boxed mac and cheese? Frozen pizza? I have time/brain power to cook those!

All photos are from my cell, so pardon the horrible quality.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and count your blessings.