Saturday, November 26

One week down..

3-5 weeks to go!
I'm not sure any of us will survive Henry's confinement.
If I vanish?  The dog did it.

"Shrew, you will not survive my wrath.  Now, bring me a new toy and room temperature spring water."
He gets time out of his crate, but not being a 6 armed goddess, I can't wrangle the sling/leash/camera.
We had Chinese takeout for Thanksgiving dinner.
It was perfect.  No stress!
We hung out with Lacey and Jeremy, ate a vast array of Chinese goodies, baked a pecan pie, watched some was a great day.
Michael (retail management) survived Black Friday..and he didn't strangle anyone. People were nice!
Yay, nice people!
I hear so many people bitching about EVIL stores creating all this panic on Black Friday and how it affects their quick trip to Walmart or Target...
Here's a solution:
 Don't go shopping.  Protest that evil big business by not spending your money.
 Remember to grab what you need before Black Friday.
There..I fixed it like magic, baby.
If you bitch and you don't go shopping on Black Friday..well..take a Xanax.
It's one freakin' day.  You'll survive.

From those of us who have nifty things like paychecks and insurance because of those evil stores..because of Black Friday..thank you, shoppers!
The mutant, one-eyed squirrel has vanished.
I feel badly for him, but I'm kind of happy not to have his mutant-ness leering in the kitchen window all the time.  I'm sure this makes me a horrible person, and I'm really ok with that.
I haven't been hiking lately.  I miss it!
Maybe we can plan a short hike on Michael's next day off...would love to get a few more hikes in before the temperature plummets.  I'm not ready for our frigid hikes.

Enough babble for one day...hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Enjoy your weekend! :)