Saturday, December 17

One month..and a thanks

4 weeks.
28 days.
Of confinement.
Pass the Xanax.

We're all doing really well..normal well for this time of year!
Things are busybusy at home, Michael is busybusy at work (retail management)...blahblahblah.
But, we're good!


Santa must have heard my desperate pleas and sent a Pileated for Christmas.
About damned time.
It's only been 20 years.
First pileated woodpecker sighting was when I was 15..walking home from the bus stop..and I've only seen 4 since then.  FINALLY, a photo that looks like a bird and not a blackish blob!

As a pet owner, I'm required by law to take embarrassing photos of my dogs on holidays.

I think her headband is a little too tight.

Made the mistake of using the command "watch it!"..he's so intensely focused on cheese he looks like a maniac.

No dogs were harmed..or emotionally scarred.
My dogs are snobs.  $16 a pound Manchego cheese is an accepted reward for complying.  Regular old provolone? 
Hell no.

Henry is getting pretty bored, but is finding ways to amuse himself during confinement.

I appreciate you all not bailing on me during my vanishing act. I know we lose and gain followers all the time, but I gotta say..I really expected a lot of people to bail.  So, thanks for sticking it out :)