Wednesday, December 7


My life is GLAM, baby!

Wake up, move healthy dogs from point A to B, retrieve Surgery Boy from overnight crate and get him in the sling, take him outside and try to keep him from peeing on sling, carefully watch how he poops (medically necessary, I'm not a weirdo), stuff SB into daytime crate..realize the sling was in the damned way AGAIN and it needs washed for the 239th time...hand washed, by the way....

And now you see why I haven't blogged much lately.
There is only so much I can say about my day.
before I bore everyone to death.

"Just throw the damned ball..I can run.  Really.  Oh shut UP about 5k surgeries"

Note the cups that are flipped over and placed back in the holes.  He's like someone doing shots and slamming the shot glass upside down on the bar.  It's disturbing.

Setter bedhead.  Nothing better!