Tuesday, October 11

I must be

I'm stressed out over various things (who isn't?), and my go-to activity when stressed is changing something in the house.
So, I'm painting the living room.  Again.
Goodbye, muted green.
Hello, cream.
Michael didn't say a word when I came staggering in with paint.
I don't involve him in the chaos, he keeps his mouth shut.  It works well for us.

Yesterday, I cut brush.
Brush meaning hawthorns and blackberry brambles.
Yes, I bled a lot..but look what I found!

The skull is complete! I even found all the teeth! :D
Now, I gotta put it back together.

My spider love pays off...
Sic 'em, Spidey!
Take that, you little stinkbug bastards.

I need to get back to work...this place is like Paintpocalypse .