Sunday, October 9


posts!  For me? A miracle.  I get distracted by projects, books, the weather.
Pretty much everything.
This is post 201 and I meant to mention post 200 on that post.  See what I mean?

I should have a giveaway when I reach a bigger number.
  I can give away..hmm..some deer?  The Chaos Dogs?  Michael?
Pig!  I'll giveaway Pig!

It's been a full week since we've seen Pig.  I'm guessing she's gone for the winter.
I checked photos from last year and she vanished in early October.
We haven't seen any signs of a dead animal around (not being morbid, it's just nature) so..
Goodnight, Pig!
I saved this image for her official Fall Retirement.

I have amazing aim, huh?
Don't ask how many flowers were tossed (and eaten) before I landed one.
The key to this is breaking all of the stem off and making sure the back of the daisy is as flat as possible.  Just in case you want to try this at home (yeah, don't do that).

Michael's alarm went off at 4 am.
Voodoo expresses our feelings exactly:

Enjoy your day!
Take a nap for us...