Saturday, October 8 far..

I've managed to:
- give a nice sear to the roof of my mouth.
Patience is not my virtue (and I do have a couple, so stop laughing).
Waiting for food to cool down?  Pfft.  That's for wimps.
Nothing says badass like staggering around the kitchen with molten cheese destroying the roof of your mouth.

- confuse the absolute crap out of myself with Google+
For someone who works online..I'm amazed at how quickly I get confused with social media.

- piss off an old friend who eats meat, but is completely against hunting
"How can you kill Bambi?!"
Yeah, I'm sure those cows lined up for the feedlot life, screaming "pick me! pick me!".  Do some research on your meat sources before you offer up judgement opinions.
I probably just pissed more of you off.
What can I say.  It's a skill.

On a stunningly gorgeous fall day, I managed to emotionally damage myself with winter predictions.
OH COME ON!  My part of WV is in the freakin' WORST area?!

I am going to pretend I did not see that map, and go outside in my shorts and flipflops to enjoy more of this:

It is officially fall when the maple at the end of the lane turns.

 I am not going to enjoy Henry, 20 lb jerk, because he is In Trouble.
Trying to start a war with your 97 lb sister is just plain stupid.
He's lucky she's a 97 lb cupcake.
Henry is part anteater, part ass.

Voodoo completely flipped his shit yesterday and was snarling and digging like a madman.
I thought there was at least a Cape Buffalo threatening our lives.
Instead, he violently attacked and killed...
A tree root.
From a dead pine.