Friday, October 7

Family dynamics

This morning, the triplets were out and about looking for chestnuts.

I don't name the deer, since I don't bother to keep track of any of them except Mama (creative, no?) since she's been around for several years.
We'll go with Large, Medium and Small for the triplets. ;)

Large was being a jerk..beating on Medium, chasing him from the chestnuts and whatever corn was leftover.

Pardon the blur..I wasn't ready to photograph Deer Rage!
"What?! It's a sibling thing!"
 HA!  Here comes Mama.  Suddenly you aren't so hardcore, are you, Large?
Large and Medium don't pick on Small with her around, no matter what he does to annoy them:

I kinda root for Small...he's..small!

"Can deer take birth control?  'Cause I'm all for being the test doe."

Medium trying for some comfort, and Mama having none o 'that.
The bird feeders got a good shake of red pepper flakes. I'm tired of the squirrels chewing up the feeders, and the deer just tearing them down.
Needless to say, the deer and squirrels are displeased.