Friday, October 7


Vile human being.
Destroying A nest..ONE bad enough.
"1,458 nests and 2,400 eggs and chicks had been destroyed. Only one chick was still alive."
I have faith this scumbag's personal Hell will be filled with extremely pissed off birds.
Moving on, because I refuse to allow this to upset me for the rest of the day..week..month..
We had a stunning morning..the fog and sunlight..just gorgeous.

Aside from the getting the pee scared out of me...
Ok, that was kinda low.  Scared me and the birds!

It was a perfect morning.
Part of our woods..
The five of us tromped around in the woods for a bit, then worked in the back yard.
Well, I worked.
The dogs did dog stuff.

"Bird!  BIRD!"
 Yes, Voodoo..there are birds at the bird feeder.

Strider and Henry, with Voo the background.
His ancestors laugh.
 Voodoo doesn't eat mushrooms, but I dispose of the ones he finds. Why tempt fate?

Shortly after her Majestic Akita shot, Irie got her head stuck in a bucket.

I also stubbed my toes into one of those @#$%s.  That'll teach me to wear flipflops during chestnut season!
Once my toes stop throbbing, we're heading back out to the woods.

Maybe we can all do something kind for wildlife this weekend, to help make up for the *shortcomings* of some of our species.