Thursday, October 6


Important stuff:

Another reason hockey rocks.

While I most certainly appreciate all the breast cancer funding and raising awareness (having boobs and all)...
I also have a pancreas..lymph nodes..bone marrow..blood..
There's a prostate in the house.
The NHL spreads the love ($ and awareness) to more than one type of cancer.
It's needed.
We all have a million parts that could be affected by cancer.
Funding/research/awareness/patient resources needs to cover all those parts.
Definitely not saying breast cancer is more/less important, just that all cancers are equally important.

Crazy stuff:
I nearly died drinking coffee this AM while looking at Halloween decorations..which led me to costumes.

Seriously, I inhaled scalding hot coffee and nearly boiled my lungs.
I'm still coughing 3 hours later.

Nothing says sexy like a poo flinging primate.
I think one of our dog beds is made out of the same thing as Sexy Rudolph's dress.
I just sent Michael photos of those two costumes and received this in reply:
"that is ridiculous. not sexy."
No wonder we're married.

I don't get sexy Halloween.
I dig scary Halloween.
Unless flesh eating zombies are sexy...
and then I think you have a whole 'nother set of problems.

I won't leave you with THAT particular image in your head..
you're welcome: