Monday, October 3

Potato love

If you get really close to your monitor and squint, it's a heart. 

I am in need of comfort food today, so my bastardized potato gratin was on the menu.

If you don't eat cheese..or heavy cream...or might want to skip this post.
I think you might want to skip this blog.
I believe in eating healthy, but that includes mental health- as in comfort food.

  Occasionally, our blogtalk turns to the sexy world of full fat.
Yeah, Mama.

We'll pretend the cheese is low fat cheese, if it makes you feel better.  We'll also pretend this is the full amount of cheese used, instead of just the topping.

If it makes you feel more comfortable...
 this is skim milk, instead of two cups of heavy cream, simmering with herbs and garlic...

The baking dish was NOT rubbed down with softened was that fat free/calorie free spray stuff.

I fully intended to post a photo of a fork full of cheesy, creamy, potato joygasm..but..well..
I ate that "test" fork.  And the next.
Quality control, dammit.

I'm not going to post photos of the massive, gorgeous steaks we're going to toss on the grill, lest you think I'm a hedonist.
I am.

So my comfort foods were taken care of (steak and potato, I'm a simple girl), when I get a text from Michael stating he's ready to run away from work and change his identity.

Hmmm...comfort food for Michael.
Got it covered!

Cream cheese/cheddar stuffed peppers..that weird sweet/hot variety that no nursery can ID..with an extremely crunchy panko breading.
If Michael sees this photo and asks where the little crusty piece of cheese (bottom right) went, I'm going to tell him those damned dogs took it.  Because that is what happened.  Got it?

At least they're baked, right?