Tuesday, September 27

To camp or not to camp..

That is the question.

So, Michael's workplace (as a further example of WTF are they DOING) realized Person X was back from paternity leave in time to cover this weekend.
YAY! Camping!
Of course the weather forecast changed..the camping gods like to mess with my head.
  Instead of 65 and sunny both days, we have 50-53 during the day and mid 30s at night.. and a 30% chance of showers.
Now, we camped 2 weeks ago with a 30% chance and nothin'. Cloudy and chilly but gorgeous.
Last year's Camp Hell was a 30% chance of rain.  We nearly drowned IN the tent.

Does it make me an Outdoor Pansy Ass if I don't want to get rained on and freeze my buns off?
I tease one of my friends about being an Outdoor Pansy Ass..she hates Outside unless it's a certain temp/humidity/cloud coverage.
Heathypooh, I love you..but you know you're an OPA.

No Pig again today..but the deer were out in force.  I missed both the big buck and the little fellow I posted a few days ago.
I did grab a quick shot of Mom and Triplets.

*sniffle*  No more spots!