Wednesday, September 28

She's back.

I don't know what you'll all do when Pig hibernates!

Frankly, a winter of NOT keeping Pig away from the front door...the dogs..the water heater closet...sounds dreamy!  Go to sleeeep, Pig.  Sleeeeep.
She's hilarious, but she's a big pain!

I made calzones with vegetarian pepperoni..Pig stole the leftovers meant for the crows.  Again.
At least she carried it to her den instead of right outside the front door.

"Something is off about this thing.."

'What the hell is vegetarian pepperoni?!"

"Ah well, I'll give it a shot!"
 Just because I could....

"Well, that was utter crap.  Got any plain bread?"
 Note the discarded *pepperoni* by her feet?

Michael mowed his down with nary a word.
After finding out it wasn't real pepperoni, he said "It tasted strange".  I don't buy it.
The color changing factor of the fake pepperoni is a turnoff for me.
It started out it cooked it turned orange.  Freaky.

Heading outside to pick up chestnuts (since the dogs and I step on the damned things!).
 Enjoy your day!

Oh...40% chance of rain now.  UGH!