Monday, May 2

Product love and a camping ramble

We had a raw shrimp incident on Saturday (the bag leaked in the back of our SUV).  Thank heavens we use a Cargo Cape. No shrimp funk to clean out of the carpet.
  Everything was contained and the cape is easy to clean.  It's also great for protecting the car from wet soil, swampy dogs or plants.  We use the Wander Hammock, too. LOVE the products from Kurgo.  Now if only they made a product to contain floating dog hair....
I groom the dogs frequently to cut down on cleaning up dog hair. But, I swear, we get in the car and *poof*! They drop 28 pounds of hair.  Open the sunroof or roll down a window and you're in a hair vortex.

  Our first camping trip -local- was scheduled for next weekend.  Just not gonna happen.  We're supposed to have more rain.  I'm not one of those good sports who sees the rain predicted and goes anyway.  If it rains while we're camping, I can roll with it..but I'm not planning a trip knowing it's going to monsoon.
 I used to be a good sport.......
  After our Camping Disaster 2010, I have strong feelings about rain and tents.
(This was also the "oh by the way, there are wall-to-wall bears" camping trip.)  It rained so much the camp ground owners talked about closing the road to our site because it was washing out.  Michael stood up from the air mattress and it was bobbing like a raft..the tent flooded.
To top things off, I had healing 2nd and 3rd degree burns during this trip.  I was too freaked by the bears to take the pain meds I was prescribed (and needed).  I was sure I would sleep through the marauding bear hordes.
Did I mention this trip was completely my idea?  Every step from the location, dates, etc.  Michael, as always, says not one word about the bears/floods/my less than rational behavior induced by pain and lack of sleep.
On night 3 of this Hell he stuffed a Vicodin in my mouth, packed up the car in the dark and rain in under an hour and drove us 4 hours home through the mountains.
That trip left me feeling like this was the perfect camping spot.

We're working in the garden as much as possible, but the constant rain is slowing things down.  SO glad we have the raised least they are draining!

That's Pig the Groundhog (and a Chipping sparrow hopping by her butt)

House Wren has a house!

The male Rose-breasted Grosbeak and ever present Goldfinches

Imagine that.  More rain.