Tuesday, May 3


We are FULL of birds today. I don't know if it's the rain or what, but Holy Mother of Winged Things.
By 3:30:
Black capped chickadees
Mourning doves
White breasted nuthatches
Chipping sparrows
Downy woodpeckers
Hairy woodpeckers
Dark-eyed Juncos
Two pairs of Eastern Towhees
Pair of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks
Blue Jays
House finches
House wren
Red-breasted nuthatch (FINALLY back after not seeing them here for 2 years)
Red-winged blackbirds, lots of females which isn't typical
Ruby throated hummingbird..a female was peering in my kitchen window.  First one I've seen this year.  I quickly got out the feeder and mixed a batch of nectar.
Baltimore Oriole male ..as above, I ran and got their feeder
I can hear a Scarlet Tanager, but can't see the little jerk.  We go through this every year.  I hear them and spend hours staring upward into my oak trees..and I swear I hear them laughing.

I'll direct sow most of my beets, but finally caved and tried my Gram's method.  She started beets indoors and had the most incredible, perfect beets.  I'll give it a shot.  I wanted roasted beets this weekend but nearly fainted at the cost of (wrinkled, leathery) organic beets.
My cabbage flat is showing signs of life. I was getting worried!
Pardon the photo quality...all of these were taken through the windows.  It has been raining all day so I didn't have the camera outside. Glad the birds don't mind being so close to the house.