Wednesday, May 4


It's cold and rainy again (I swear that will be the last time I mention weather in this post), and I'm getting a little grumpy.
 Generally, I take criticism well.  A friend made a comment about some photos I sent that pissed me off.  I've already discussed this with her, and informed her she's now cannon blog fodder.  See, I play fair.
She said, "Sam, you're a better photographer than that..why send photos if they aren't perfect?".
After my initial reaction of wanting to dropkick her off a cliff (don't tell me I'm not a benevolent soul), I stopped and thought about perception.
 I'm not a photographer.  I'm not even a pretend photographer.
I have a camera. I take photos of things I like.  I thought this was obvious.
If I spent time waiting for those perfect bird shots, or dog shots, or whatever shots...I would miss out on one hell of a lot.
Does getting a perfect shot make me happy? Of course!  But it's not critical.
Hell, it's not even something I think about when I pick up a camera.
I was SO excited that we have two pairs of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks.
My less-than-perfect shots I shared this morning:

One person sees imperfection.
I *see* the excitement of having two pairs of birds that are rare to us, a kind husband shooing the dogs away from the window so they didn't spook the birds..all the STUFF behind the photo.
Life is a chaotic, blurry mess. I'm rollin' with that.
Ok, now that I've got THAT out of my system...grumble...

Today is raspberry planting day. All 11 of them.
Michael is home to help, thank God, because we have to dig a ginormous pit to amend the soil.  It's rock with some dirt sprinkled over it.

Have a wonderfully imperfect, blurry day!