Thursday, May 5


We've got sunshine! Blue skies!

Yes, there is a vulture in my happy sunshine photos.  I like vultures.

I managed to blind myself with this happy sunshine.  I picked up a bag of M&Ms (just to move them, I swear) and the sun glinted off the bag, momentarily blinding me.  If that isn't incentive to diet, I don't know what is.
 Honestly, I find that a damned good reason to paint all my windows black.  Girlfriend needs some peanut butter M&Ms once in a while.

The boys and I did a ton of yard and garden work.  Or..I worked while they screwed around.

"Wheel me around the yard, Wench"

I don't know what the hell is going on here.....

I had a pile of bed slats to get rid of.  I needed a little table for the garden.  I had a can of periwinkle spray paint..hmmmm
Now, we're going to ignore the 8 ft tall grass outside the fence, the rake that is duct taped with neon orange (I tripped over it one too many times) and the ribbon grass/buttercups that are growing through the weed blocking paper.  We're also going to ignore the cardboard I'm using to kill more grass and the bags of soil all over the place.  Right now, the garden is in the Eyesore Stage.
Focus, instead, on my pathetic table repurposed bed slats.  It's painted with outdoor paint and sealed.  I didn't measure anything..I just eyeballed it and cut.  It's rustic, damn it.
The legs are a few inches in the ground, so it's really sturdy.

In the back you see a giant trench along the fence.
That's the asparagus trench.  Two and a half hours of digging, rock picking, compost wait years before we have asparagus.  Those better be the best freakin' asparagus on earth.

I have to find somewhere to plant that tub of ribbon grass.  It's a sentimental Gram gave me my first bunch.  I think it was some kind of warped grandma humor.  She didn't warn me it would take over the universe.

The Baltimore Orioles were back this morning.  I can't get a good photo of them..drives me crazy!

Pig says "Apple.  Not as good as organic BBQ potato chips."