Sunday, April 17

Traffic jam

at the end of my driveway this morning.
A pickup pulling a flatbed of baled hay trying to make room for the oncoming pickup with a trailer full of sheep.
Rural?  Yep.
I need to suck it up and rake off the hillside today, before the daylilies realize it's April and start growing.  Years ago, someone planted some common wild daylilies and they took off.  I'm glad to let them take over..less string trimming for me.
There's an open area on the bank...I'm debating a Mutabilis rose there.  It can take off and do its thing without space issues.  I'll be ordering from Hartwood Roses.  I love that Connie offers roses my grandmother grew.

There is also a huge ant hill on that bank..Allegheny Mound Ants.   I leave them alone.  They haven't bothered any vegetation I care about in 6 years, so I figure we're ok.
Odd thing:  I cut grass around them, use a string trimmer and walk along the edge of their mound almost daily and I've never been bitten.  Last year we hired someone to cut the grass and the poor guy was swarmed (I warned him not to get too close).  He wasn't nearly as close as I get..wonder why they went after him?

We're researching camping areas...camping season is getting close!
I ordered odor proof bags.  We sometimes camp in bear heavy areas, and I have NO freakin' interest in having a black bear visit the campsite.
Bears scare the hell out of me.  I know, I know..bear attacks are rare..blah blah it.
A friend teases me about my fear of bears.  I point out she's terrified of spiders, even teeny harmless spiders.
I would rather be bitten by any of our local spiders than even the smallest of bears!
We camped at Summersville Lake in Mount Nebo, WV last year. I was cheerfully informed the campground had four bears removed that spring, and to stay alert for possible bear activity.
The dogs were wired every night..and I was right there with them.
Michael, our brave defender, slept peacefully through all of the crashing and strange noises in the woods.

We were going to hike this weekend, but it was rainy and chilly.  Michael and I spent the day reading and playing with the dogs.
I'll hike when the temps are below zero, but not when it's pouring.  Nothing is worse than cold, wet feet!