Tuesday, April 19


  We saw a double crested cormorant.  I won't shame myself by posting the photo.  I had just enough time to get the camera out of the bag and snag 1 pic as we zipped by at 55mph.  New bird for us!
  I just placed the final order for all veg seeds and plants, a couple of flowers and more raspberries (because 6 plants is not enough for the two of us).  I want to have enough raspberries to make jelly.
 I'm trying my hand with asparagus.
 I need to stop buying plants before it drives Michael away.
  After long discussion and debate, we decided not to get chickens.  I've got a great local source for eggs and meat..the benefits don't outweigh the work.  Sigh.
  I have an awkward flower bed outside the kitchen window.  It started as a seed bed, or plant start bed and quickly became a catchall.  It's in a high traffic spot.  If I'm not mowing down the bed with the garden hose, the dog tether is.  Hose guides are too short.  I got the *brilliant* idea to use some of the logs we have as hose guides.
I got this brilliant idea while wandering around the yard with the dogs, not dressed for yard work.  I ended up galloping after a runaway log with 3 barking dogs behind me, one flipflop on...lost a flipflop in the woods..
 This is why Michael calls me Calamity Sam.  I'm glad he didn't witness this.  I did get the damned logs set in the ground by evening.  So far, so good.
To cap off this disjointed mess, photos that have nothing to do with anything I rambled about!

Kung Fu Deer.

Neighbor horses

I caved and bought a thistle feeder. Now, if the 50+mph winds would stop making it an amusement park ride...

Pippin after getting caught in the rain.  He looks entirely too happy.

Irie and Punk.  6 pound cat loves 96 pound dog.

Voodoo and Bella Luna

Bella is the stumpy tailed, club footed demoncat.  She's not a pleasant creature.   Everyone feels terrible for her, until she tries to rip their faces off.

Is my couch not the most hideous brownish blob of sectional horror?
Every time I mention replacing it, Michael looks traumatized.
There is no slipcovering that beast, either. Gah.