Wednesday, April 20


Not total sloth, but semi-sloth.
Today was supposed to be productive..tons of yard work and garden prep work.
  We cleaned the kitchen, made a few calls I needed to make, paid bills online, ran an errand..and then we sat on the couch and read the afternoon away. It was chilly, windy and gloomy..nice to be snuggled on the couch with books while the dogs and cats snoozed.

I ordered my Mutabilis rose from Heartwood Roses.
I'm on the replace my Redoute rose.  The snow plow guy dumped a ton of snow/gravel in an area I told him NOT to use (ya know, where my freaking roses are).  Redoute was crushed.  No clue if it survived since it snapped off below the soil surface, but it was own-root.  Here's hoping.  If not, maybe my rose buddy at a local greenhouse can track one down for me again.  Deer ripped out the first rose and carried it into the woods!  I found it weeks after it vanished.  I've had the strangest problem with deer pulling new roses out of the ground..not just nibbling them!?
 Reason # 102 I looove venison.

Cheery, sunshiny spring photos? Not so much!