Thursday, April 21

Things not to ask WV DNR

..if you don't want laughed at.
I feed crows in one part of my yard, near the bird feeders, which I mentioned a while ago.
WV DNR laughed .
Yesterday, after I tossed some organic, low sodium BBQ chips (this brand was horrible, tasted like bacon dog treats smell!) I see this:
"Mmmm....'tato chips!"  Note that she passed up asparagus bits..the deer got those.
So of course, off I go to amuse WV DNR again.  She'll be fine eating a little *people food*.
I got lectured, and I'm glad, about feeding wild animals.  I explained I was NOT trying to domesticate her..she's trying to domesticate herself.  Last year, she attempted to pull a flipflop off my foot while I was gardening. I nearly peed my pants.  The only way she'll stay away from me is if a dog is with me.  Smart girl!  Banging buckets didn't phase her.  I tossed a plastic garden tote toward her..nope.  She ran to the tote and looked inside.  She likes to lay just outside her den and watch me cut grass.  The mower doesn't phase her.
What do you do with that!?

The Goldfinches have taken over.  They are SO loud you can't talk on the phone with the doors and windows open..funny!