Saturday, March 19

Guard Crows

FedEx delivered a package early this morning.
I hear the truck (hard to miss with the Hell Hounds alerting me), so I head to the porch to receive it.
I can see the driver peering through the windshield, looking upward. What the hell?  I see nothing odd/unusual.

Driver: Can I get out?  What's with the birds? What's wrong with them?

The crows.
I burst out laughing and walked out to meet him at the truck.

We have a murder of crows that stays close to the property, around 12 or so.  When people are outside they go dead silent, lining the trees along the driveway..they are looking for a bucket! We feed whatever safe leftovers to the crows (they prefer pasta).   I once asked a state wildlife guy what safe foods for crows were..."Honey, they eat roadkill and garbage.  It's all safe".
 Crows keep the hawks and owls away from my song bird feeders.  We had a huge problem with hawks during the day and owls were taking down the evening feeding birds.
Plus, they are just fun to watch..brash, demanding, creative and funny.
It works out well.  The crows protect their feeding spot, which is near the bird feeders.  The hawks and owls  hunt at the other end of the field.  There is rarely a clash between them.

 I understand why a stranger would wonder if they stumbled into a Hitchcock remake!