Sunday, March 20

Quiet Sunday, lots of guests

We went for a drive last night..wanted to head to a hilltop to see the moon.
My shots aren't the best.  I needed the tripod, but a car door works in pinch.

The crows came for breakfast (pardon the steamy window)...

And then...last year's groundhog girl showed up!
I couldn't believe it.  Groundhogs (whistlepigs!) are so funny..Pig is no exception.
I stared for a moment and then called out "Pig?"..she turned and ran toward the house.  Yeah, that's my Pig.
Lucky for her, I had an apple core to share.

The dogs don't even fuss about her..and for these guys, that's saying something.

Spring cleaning the old den (and then raiding the birds' corn)

Michael and I just realized we haven't seen another person yet today..just the wildlife.