Monday, March 21

If you were me

You would have spent a beautiful morning locating a "good" rotting log, full of larval potential.
You would have dragged the 8 ft log across 2 acres of uneven (surface of the moon) yard, and propped it into a maple tree...which is surrounded by perfectly good- but not good enough- dead wood.
You would also have drilled numerous holes in the log and stuffed them full of suet.

It's a damned good thing I live in the middle of nowhere.  There is just no explaining why you're walking around with a latex glove and block of rendered fat.

The freaking birds are now acting like the log is a 6 headed demonlog there to eat their bird souls.

judgmental nuthatch : What the hell is that thing?  Doesn't Wild Birds Unlimited sell NICE versions??

Or maybe I'm just overly sensitive and the nuthatch was looking at the suet.