Friday, March 18

Pileated (and other blather)

If you're a birder, celebrate with me.  I've been trying to get a pic of the Pileated woodpeckers that visit my woods.
If you aren't a birder, celebrate anyway dammit.
Crappy but triumphant pileated pic
It's the red cheek stripe.

Because it's currently 64 degrees (!!!), I had to break out the gardening gloves and start clearing flower beds. I forgot how much I HATE to rake.  I'll swap almost any hideous job to get out of raking.
I made a tiny dent in the shade bed by the house...very, very small dent.

I swear, this is an After.  Found my nozzle, too! :|

Gardeners, what's your wheelbarrow/cart of choice?  I have a garden cart, like this..hate it.  It is awkward and cumbersome. 

Not to repeat last year's Tomatopalooza and Squash Extravaganza, I only planted a FEW seeds this year.  I've prearranged for someone to take any leftover plants.  We'll see how that goes!

Found this poor viola laying on some landscaping stones.  No idea how it made it through winter with no protection, but wow.  Tough!
OMG. Something green AND blooming.

Signs of other plant life

Signs we're all losing it and ready for Spring:
I will fake death until you throw the damned ball.