Thursday, April 14

So far today...

It's like trying to get a photo of a group of kids..everyone looks elsewhere and does their own thing.

Today's visitors.  And yes, that IS a blue sky here in northern WV.  
I kept the photos small because there are a to enlarge, of course.

I ordered the lumber for the new porch.  Not looking forward to that project.  As much as I love painted porches, I'm not going through that again.  Stain it is.  I have a knack for buying that special kind of paint that peels within 2 minutes of drying.  I am done sanding, stripping, painting and threatening death to anyone that even looks at the porch until it had been dry for 5 days. (The Porch Paint Saga has been going on for 6 yrs, and has thrown many paint specialists into deep depression).

The Penguins game last night was FANTASTIC!  Traffic was easy, the crowd was fun, the Pens won 3-0...and we get to do this again tomorrow night!  The only downside to sporting events?
$7 beer...good heavens.
The Pens warming up: