Tuesday, April 12

If this keeps up...

I'm installing a giant raised bed in my living room and replacing my pretty lamps with grow lights.  I would love to get started on the gardens!  Rain for the past 9 hours and no signs of stopping.   BLAH. 
 My first truckload of compost arrived today.  I'm so glad we got the new wheelbarrow, 'cause WOW that was a lot of hauling.

The birds are storming the feeders.  I wrote down what I spotted today.
American Goldfinches
House finches
Song Sparrows
White throated sparrows
White breasted nuthatch
Black capped chickadees
Mourning Doves
Red bellied woodpeckers
Downy woodpeckers
Hairy woodpeckers
Eastern Towhees
Brown Thrasher
Blue Jays
Red-winged blackbirds

I realize I SUCK at sparrow ID. 

Pittsburgh Penguins game 1 tomorrow night!!!  I'm so excited!!!