Monday, September 26

Good. LORD.

Poor, sad me.
Instead of camping this weekend..I'll be switching out the summer/winter clothes while Michael works (because SOMEone *coughcoughHRcoughcough* has not been doing their job).
He doesn't mind covering for folks, but repeated screw ups (that get covered up) by higher ups..
Good LORD.

I was discussing my asparagus bed with my cousin and she says "Ew, I won't eat that.  It makes your pee smell bad."
It's PEE.  I was not aware pee smelled good to begin with?!
If it did, I'm sure Calvin Klein would have been all over that fragrance.  Or Glade.  Somebody.
"Still, I don't want my pee to smell!"
Oh good Lord.

I am still at war with the stink bugs. They are everywhere.
Lord, grant me the strength not to soak my house in Death Chemicals.
Amazon sells a lot of different traps, but at 25 bucks a pop and really mixed reviews..I'm trying homemade traps first.
More storms rolling through, which means my bleeping satellite internet will go out...

No sign of Pig today..normal for this time of year.