Monday, August 1

Monday, heavy on the Pig

My second head is gone, my knee is shaped like a knee..but I'm still emotionally damaged from stepping on the hornworm.

Today will be a good day, though!
Because I freakin' said so, that's why. ;)

Pig was out and about this morning, checking her spot for fruit and veg scraps.
She is staying completely away from the garden/flower beds now that her babies are gone.
She's a smart girl..her den is between a peach tree and an apple tree.  Fruit actually falls off and rolls right in her house!  Good planning, girlfriend!

She's sitting on her butt, with her back feet poked forward.  Even I think it's adorable.

Fear the gaping maw of the Ghog!

She's got a lump above her right front leg...poor thing.  I'm not exactly going to haul her wild rear to the vet, though.

I love hibiscus! Trying to decide what other varieties I want for next a fave?  Share!

Blue table ...and nosy Voodoo.

None of my red tomatoes are ripe yet.  I'm chomping at the bit to get moving on the sauce making!

Looking out the east kitchen window makes my heart happy, even with a dirty window and cluttered butchers block.

The bees are up and working hard...

Kind of an odd shot, but I was falling over the fence.  I liked it anyway :)

Bacon cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries and a couple of beers for dinner...I'm ready for dinner right now!
Looking forward to the food, but having dinner outside with Michael will be nice.
He works 4 out of 5 nights closing shift.  By the time he gets in, I'm falling asleep.  It sucks.
I'm glad he has the job he does, with a month of vacation time a year, but I still miss the day-to-day interactions.  After being together 16 years, I'm glad we still miss each other!