Sunday, July 31


This has not been my day.

I woke up with a lump on my chin.  Not itchy, red, sore..just a bump.  Michael swears "one of your creepy spider pets tried to eat your face".  I scoffed, but I do think it's an insect bite.  Or I'm growing another head on my chin.
I decided not to take photos of that.

My worst fear was realized this morning.
Well, aside from the fear of growing a second head or the fear of bears eating me like a burrito while i'm camping or the fear of people putting sweaty feet on me..
I stepped, barefoot, on a tomato hornworm.  My foot was defiled!
I couldn't even scream..I let forth a torrent of profanity that was practically poetry.
Even the blue jays were impressed and stopped chattering.
No photos here, either.

While I was mowing and Michael was raking, I stepped in a hole and wrenched my knee.
My knee sucks..I'm supposed to go in this fall and have things "cleaned out" (GAH!), so of course it's all crazy swollen.
Michael was lovingly placing an ice pack on my knee and said " kind of looks like a butt from this angle"...
Dear GOD, it DOES.
I have butt-knee!
Most certainly no photos of that.

I am taking my second head and defiled foot and butt-knee and heading for the couch.
I think I have emotional damage or something...I'm in a really good mood.