Saturday, July 30

It's quiet.

Michael went back to work today..won't get in until midnight.
I'm trying to get back in my own groove.  I cleaned and worked my rear off in the garden.
I'm going to mow the yard and field today.  It's horrific.
No, really.
I'll get photos before I tackle this.
It's terrifying.  I should be baling this stuff.
I can't see Pig coming through the's Jurassic Park all over again.

"Don't run into the long grass!"


God bless for allowing you to add gardening to your fitness stuff.
And mowing.
Check me out..between gardening, cleaning and mowing I don't have to do anything...oh wait..core work.

Garden triumphs!
The caterpillars that savaged the Brussels sprouts?  They didn't win!  LOOK!
Microscopic baby brussels!

The cauliflower that was gnawed to shreds?

Teeny tiny cauliflower!

Ok, so nothing dramatic happened to the ground cherries, but I've never grown them before.
Look!  They're like presents!  Unwrap and BAM! A tiny little fruity gift!
Holy crap, I DO have giant red bearpaw manhands!

Blue Table shot of the day
 One of the tomato plants was so covered in blight, I gave up and picked the few green toms left and threw the plant away in a trash bag.  Definitely isn't going into the compost pile!

Today's full haul..look look! PEACHES!
I'm all glowing with pride over my fruit and veg growing prowess, and then I remember I also have to DO something with this stuff.
I need a live-in gardener..or chef...or better yet, someone to hang around until I get bored with a project and then they take over.
That's reasonable, right??

Enjoy your Saturday!