Friday, July 29

Pardon me while

..I scream like a little girl.

I know, I know. They can't sting.  Or bite. Or ruin your credit.
ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

Snakes I can handle. Spiders, sure!  But I hate tomato hornworms.  They are just so squishy and spiked and ..what the hell is oozing out of them!?  Green ...juice?!

Envision this idyllic garden scene from this morning:
I pluck one worm off the tomato plant (wearing a leather glove) and hop and scream while I get it off my glove and into the bowl.
 Voodoo and Irie are right there with me, trying like hell to save me from whatever Death Monster I'm obviously fighting.
Dogs get in my way, I accidentally drop the bowl and hop around yelling "leave it!".  I'm also barefoot and just waiting to step on one of these things.  The dogs are trying like crazy to eat/kill whatever is causing the screaming.
Move dogs, gather bowl and start chanting "ew ew ew ew" as I'm plucking.
Repeat hopping/screaming/dog scenario.
Five times.
I happened to glance up and Michael was at the door, just staring at us.
Didn't say one negative word..didn't laugh at me..just asked if I needed a hand.

The man is a saint, I tell you.
Or he's scared to death I've finally snapped.

Allowing Voo to sniff the bowl did NOT work out well.  Hornworm stuck in his ear hair!
I need a sedative.
And a drink.
And a live-in gardener.

Moving on...

We have a monster ant hill on our property.
I leave them alone..we don't have an ant problem and they don't bother me when I'm mowing around them, so have at it.  It's about 6 feet wide and usually much taller, but the crows have been harassing them and tearing things up.

About as close-up as I'm willing to get.  Not pushing my luck or their tolerance.

I think I'm being stalked.

Robelyn...were you here!?
When I went to run the vac over the porch (Hello dog hair and wisteria pods), I spotted a random piece of duct tape.  I think that red.neck gal is stalking me and my collection of fabulous duct tape.

Part of my haul this morning.

Our sky yesterday...gorgeous, but no rain.

It's Michael's last day of vacation. :(
Until his 17 days off in August! :)