Thursday, July 28

Holy babblepost.

I have too many expectations for Michael's time off.
 I work from home, so I can schedule things around his days off, work in the morning while he sleeps schedule is flexible.  His is not so we I try to make the best of any time off together.
I end up feeling stressed and disappointed and worried we didn't "make use" of our downtime.
Last night, I mentioned we didn't sit around the fire together, go for a drive and get ice cream or go hiking. Oh, God..we haven't gone fishing or camping while he was off!  

I'm sure Michael wonders how he ended up with someone who stresses so easily over stupid things.
Or doesn't factor in reality.

It was 110+ degrees most of his vacation.  
-If Michael had suggested we go camping.. I might have strangled him.
-Only crazy people go hiking in those temps with 85% humidity.  Not our kind of crazy..truly crazy.
-Who in hell wants to sit around a fire when the nighttime low is 82 and putting on flipflops makes you sweat?
-The state parks were packed to the gills (heh!) with people thinking fishing would be a nice, cool way to spend time.  I hate packed parks!  I hate that my secret fishing spots are SO not a secret.
-Going for a drive while eating ice cream is only fun when you don't have to have the air conditioner on High..our car has an insanely strong air conditioner (thank God), but it's impossible to talk over it (ok, Michael would enjoy that part).  
I can also attest that eating ice cream with the AC blasting me in the face is a skill I don't have.  I should be forced to wear a tarp.

We spent so much GOOD time together...gardening, swimming, watching movies (that is a rare thing for me). 

I have a hard time relaxing.  MUST! STRESS! CONSTANTLY!
Yeah, I'm working on it.

Pig knows how to relax.
 FYI, Pig's babies are long gone.  She ran off the last baby a week ago.  Violently.

Michael takes great joy in finding flowers to blind me.
Nothing says "I love you" like seared retinas.

One of my favorite relaxing spots.
But..the grass needs cut.  And..and..I see spots that need reseeded.
And that stump/end table is crooked.

We did run errands yesterday (YAY! Productivity!) and I snapped a few pics of our town from across the river.
WV (my side) to the right, Ohio to the left.

My little looks very charming from across the Ohio river.  Not so charming up close!