Tuesday, August 2

Sending some love

and prayers to my Flatlander friends.
If you could send some good thoughts their way, it's needed.
Jeremy is in renal failure..medication induced, docs think.  It was caught very early, so we're all praying that damage wasn't done.
Sending all my love and prayers to you, Lacey and Jeremy.  Your WV family is here for you.

Maybe it's a good thing they are in Nebraska and we're here.  With our warped senses of humor, I can see most (if not all) of us being escorted out of the hospital by security.
The more intense a situation, the more horrible the jokes.
  Jeremy and I joking about his diet of Long Pig being the cause of his medical problems.  On Facebook.  Where everyone else is sending prayers.
  Lacey and I coming to agreement that if Jeremy needs a kidney he can have one of mine as a loaner, but I want it back (with no obvious teeth marks and no deep frying).

You can see why my concerns about hospital security are valid.
But, if I could, I would be there right this minute.

Sending all the happyhappy and love and beauty I can to our dearest friends.
You'll get through, even though you feel so frail right now...

You're stronger than you think.  You will weather the storm.

You'll get through it all..and we're right there with you.
Granted, we're packing some horribly inappropriate jokes....