Wednesday, August 3

Observations and PhotoBabble

  If you carry a pickaxe, duct tape and a roll of plastic sheeting through Walmart, no one will get in your way.  I almost felt the need to explain these 3 items weren't related to the same projects, but what the hell.  Let 'em wonder.

 "Break in the humidity!" means it's now down to 87%.  From 93%.  I'm not excited.  Watch your back, weatherman.  West Virginia, Almost Heaven..Closer to Hell.
But, guess what!? It's raining!

  In a past life, Michael was obviously taken prisoner and tortured by putting eyewash/eyedrops in his eyes.  He will hide from me, trying to blink away the dog hair/4 inch shard of broken glass/2x4 chunk.
I found the most effective method of putting eyedrops in his eyes:
Place him in a chair and pin him against the back of the chair with my torso.
Straddle him and trap his legs with my own.
Wrap my left arm around his head and pin his head against my chest.
Pry open his eyeball (while screaming "open your @#%^ing eye!") with my left hand.
Gently put drops into his eye.
Use sedatives/rum as needed (for me).
I wish I was overdramatizing for blog humor.

Someone once said to me the sparrow and finch families were plain birds.

I love these *plain* little guys.

Some yard and garden action:

I love my cypress vine.

Blue table of the day

The hummingbirds are drinking from the gladiolus and I cannot get a photo.
Driving me crazy.
Would it be morally wrong to drug a hummingbird and tape it to a glad for a few photos??

Check out my gardening prowess!  I haven't killed my watermelon yet this year!!
Watermelon! Finally!  So what if they are the size of a quarter?

Pig should thank the Groundhog Gods that Irie respects the flimsy screen on my ghetto screen door ($25 at Lowes, lasts 14 minutes before needing repair).
Because Irie didn't charge her 96 pound butt through the door, because she came immediately when called..she got a hunk of my 6 month old Manchego cheese.  I don't even feed this to Michael.

During Michael's next vacation, we're putting down paving stones and making a walkway from the steps.
I have more important things to do right now, like fool around with blog templates.
Pardon the extra chaos while I mess with settings and such.