Wednesday, August 31

Copypig infringement?

I was talking with a friend about Pig, and he mentioned I should copyright my photos and text.
*stare*  WHY!?
"So no one steals and uses your Pig photos and commentary!"
*blank face*
"Seriously!  She's hilarious, and the captions are great"
*raised eyebrow*
"What if you choose to do something with the photos?"

'Wait.  We could be makin' bank on my photos!?"
No, Heidi Klum...don't quit your day job.
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

I don't see the point in copyrighting anything I've posted.  It's a groundhog..not some rare creature.
Who the hell is stealing groundhog photos?
Are there bands of marauding Whistle Pig pic thieves on the internet?
She's a of millions...
Even if she does have a penchant for bad hats:

"'re laughing 'cause I have something in my TEETH, aren't you?"

Things went slightly awry when I was throwing the deer crow Pig food.
She had absolutely no issue with wearing..and later eating..her lettuce hat.

But her great love..always and forevers.. carbs.


"Look look! No hands!"

"Hey..this is what you look like with brownies..AHAHA.
Oh come on, don't get MAD"
You know, Pig...groundhog is considered good eatin' in WV.