Tuesday, August 30


The person who recommended my current boot camp is 22.
My ass is not 22.  
Maybe this is why my 35 yr old butt did not want to get up this morning.
"Yay! It's morning! Coffee!" I said, upon waking.
Butt replied, "Oh hell no.  Slow down there, hoss"
So instead of my normal LEAP out of bed and gallop to kitchen, I eased my way out of bed and crept down the hall until my muscles decided what they were doing.
I have NO age related issues.  I think old is a state of mind.  On my mom's 50th birthday, she climbed the tallest tree on her property for birthday pics...because people were giving her the Dread 50s speech.
But, new boot camp plus the hill hiking yesterday made me realize that I did not have 22 yr old glutes.

There are some days, like today, when I have spent 90% of my time in the kitchen prepping/cooking/baking/washing dishes/cleaning up...that I wish we ate more premade stuff!
Oh, to toss a lasagna into the oven (already in its weird paperyfake baking dish!) and be done with it.

Working from home vs. leaving for work:
I never leave "work".  Work is always right here staring me in the face.
Michael comes home from work and relaxes.
I need a better method here..
No one respects my hours if I don't enforce them. I need to be able to walk away from work.
Two things to work on.

Finally, in September, I will be eating my first watermelon.

And cabbage.

You can time things and plan things and be so precise with gardening...and you'll get what you get when the garden damned well feels like it!

Have some Pig.  Everyone feels better after some Pig.
"OhhhhMyyyGaaawd I love you carbs.  I love you.  Forever."

"I.  Love. Flaaaaaaaat bread!"