Monday, August 29


We hiked.
Well, first we pulled into the park and spotted two jackasses people with their two off leash dogs.
They are special.  
County leash laws don't apply to THEM.
State park regulations?
Please.  Those laws are for commoners.

Got the dogs geared up and headed toward a trail..and heard screams.
Toddler screams.  Toddler that ran toward us, leaving Dad and Big Brother playing in the creek.
My dogs don't have to enjoy strange children.  They have to politely ignore them as we pass.  
That's my rule.
As Toddler chases us, still shrieking, Dad finally realizes one of his offspring is about 300 yards away and running toward Very Large Dog and Very Medium Dog and the two people with them are hauling ass away.
So...we climb a hill, thinking Toddler will be slowed down long enough for Dad to catch him.

We were chased up the hill, around a parking lot, down a park road and onto the county highway that passes through the park...Michael and I were honestly astounded they kept after us for a mile!
As we reach the road, Dad angrily yells, "Can't you just let them pet your damned dogs?!".
Oh, oh...Pleasepleaseplease God, help me NOT bitchslap him into the lake in front of his children.

For all the million things I wanted to say, I only said "Well, I'm not sure how they are with toddlers, but what the hey..let's do it!".
For me?  Epic control.
Annnnd...then I told him not all dogs liked kids..didn't HAVE to like kids..and he was taking a huge chance with his kids, them being at FACE LEVEL to giant freaking teeth.  But whatever, they aren't my kids..but, he's not putting MY dogs in that situation.  So no.  Back off.  Now.
My control? Maybe not so epic.
My dogs like kids.  I like my dogs interacting with I know, in a controlled situation.
...and we went hiking to get rid of some stress.

After that, things were calm.  We walked a total of 5.5 miles.  Not thrilled with that wimpy total.

Post Toddler Stalking:

The creek is SO low...we need rain!

We discovered they paved one of our favorite short trails.  I hate walking on pavement, but I'm thrilled they did it..
gorgeous trail and now wheelchair accessible. :)  Forest for everybody!

First toddlers..then the fish stalked us.  ACK.

All is calm now..feeling much less stressy!