Sunday, August 28

A little early..

I usually overload you with Pig on Mondays!
I haven't seen Pig for a few days, but she was out this morning with her Carb Face on.

 I spoke to a wildlife expert about Pig eating cheese..and how it freaks me out she eats animal products..he said "Oh they eat anything.  Even meat if it's cooked and seasoned well."
Pig is a Nomnivore...eats anything that tastes good.

I think she's intentionally making exaggerated Carb Face at this point.
You don't think so?

Pig, say CHEESE!

 I said..say CHEESE.
Starting another bootcamp tomorrow morning.  We're also seriously logging hike miles.  I haven't set a mileage goal for 8 weeks, yet.  Gah.
I might be stealing Pig's bread.