Thursday, September 1

I love...

ok, bear with me here. I'm feeling particularly hostile this fine evening, so instead of ranting..

I love:  (envision sunshine, rainbows and puppies, instead of my current sneer)

Beaver Creek state park, in East Liverpool Ohio.
Amazing views, excellent camping, challenging trails.
Close to home!

These dog collars.
They last forever, don't mat or discolor their coats and come in outstanding colors.  You can call and order the Soft Slip in quick release safety collars.  They are fantastic!

Hmm...what else, what else!?
I'm still bitchy!


I love THIS organization.
Hardcore hardcore sports..against dog fighting.  Rock on.

Ack, what else!?  FOOD.  Food makes me happy and full of love.

"You love BLTs.  Except you wouldn't give me any.  I just got the L part.  Jackass."
I had the best BLT today..simply perfect.  Crisp bacon, cool lettuce and a sun-warm tomato.  I could go for another five one right now!

Homemade tortillas.  I love homemade tortillas.
(do you see where everything comes back to food with me?!)
And when they go stale, corn tortillas are perfect for tossing to groundhogs.
(ok, food and groundhogs)

And, if you have mad skill like me, you can do this!

"Did you seriously just toss something on my head?"

"I will effing CUT YOU"

"Oh!  You can eat these!"

"Hell, try to get me again!"

I think I need out of the house a little more often.  I'm losin' it here, folks.
The lettuce yesterday gave me Evil Ideas today...and now we have Tortilla Hat.
If she acted scared, I wouldn't have done don't get all "omg poor humiliated baby" on me or I'm shoving a groundhog down your pants.  
"No leaving..the PIG"
Gardening.  I really do love to garden.  Right this moment since I'm NOT gardening.
I pulled up a Parisian carrot today..I LOVE!
Serious gardeners should look away now.....
They are so adorable..teeny little orangey orbs!

My melons are busting out (HA! T, that was for you!) of their thigh-high stocking slings.  I need to replace the stockings tomorrow.

Michael has worked a hellish shift this week..he leaves early, while I'm working, and by the time he gets home, I'm ready to pass out.  It sucks.
He's off this weekend and I can't WAIT to have some downtime with him.

I'm far less bitchy..still somewhat, as it is a permanent condition..but I don't feel like Riverdancing on someones kidneys now! :)