Friday, September 2


It was 46 a few mornings ago.  High of 68.  GORGEOUS.
Now this crap is back for a couple days.
Irie and I are NOT happy bitches ladies, let me tell you.
Michael and the boys are fine with it.  Irie and I are staying the HELL in air conditioning.

We had a good walk this morning, even with the 89% humidity.
 Because of the delightful weather, we only logged 3.3 miles.
The dogs (ME!) can't handle the heat (freaking hate it!!!).
No, really. It's the dogs.

Very mottled great blue heron..maybe a juvenile?
Not a great shot, but it was definitely mottled..lots of light gray blotching.  We tried to get closer, but the dogs decided it was time to swim and scared it off.
Ah, well!

I hope most of you get a long weekend...enjoy it!