Friday, June 17


Yesterday's work load was a lot like Wednesdays..I am a big mess of bruises, scratches and soreness.  BUT..the yard looks kind of like a yard!
We're getting somewhere!
We might finish before we die!

And for those of you who asked...
Butt Apology Zinnias...two pots worth

More Gerberas...also Butt Apology flowers
I know my *landscaping* goes from stone to rubber mulch.  It's not all matching and ..well..attractive.
 I just figured with my love of giant fire, we needed a stone barrier between Sam Fires and the wood deck.  Michael suggested a 14 foot concrete wall surrounded by a moat and manned by a volunteer fireman, but I felt that was overkill.

I manged to make dinner last night, too.
Grilled shrimp with sage butter, corn on the cob and..YAY...zucchini from the garden.  FINALLY something produced (aside from lettuce and herbs).
I laughed at this ridiculous knife until I realized it was the sharpest thing EVER.

Part of the Chaos Garden
Yes, I need mulch.  Stop staring at my exposed weed paper.

Last year I noticed Titmice are great for eating Mexican Bean Beetles (their larva, rather), so this year I put a dish of shelled sunflower seed in the beans..the titmice are in there constantly.  Take that, you beetle bastards!  MY beans.
Everything seems to have survived the Groundhog invasion..except the swiss chard.  I planted more, so no huge worry there.
Brave Baby is sent to scout...

before the others will come out of the den.

I was crouched down taking a photo when I noticed Pig hurrying toward me..followed by one of the babies!  There will be NO taming of the babies.
 I jumped up and made scary monster noises while flapping my arms..
If that baby ever recovers from the shock, it sure as hell won't trust people.  Ever.

Pig didn't bat an eyelash...and that's why I'm very against wild animals being treated like pets.  If I intended to harm her, she wouldn't stand a chance.  Hopefully, she lives out her life with us.
I can't believe I just said that.