Thursday, May 26

Known Problems..and fire!

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Thanks for your patience in the meantime. 

Patience, my foot.
Login and comments are kind-of-sort-of working now. 
 Dawn at The Feathered Nest mentioned clearing the cache.  
Duh, Sam.
I haven't been able to comment on many blogs (and I know all of you were noticing this and wondering..hehe)...but I'm reading.  Reading and cursing.

Yesterday we decided to roast hot dogs over the fire pit.  I would prefer a GIANT bonfire pit, but we do live in the woods.  Also, I have a habit of making enormous fires.
GIANT fire.  Woods.  That could end badly.
In my circle of friends, giant fires that melt your eyelashes from 30 feet away are known as Sam Fires. 

Last year, we bought firewood at a campsite (no harvesting your own wood in state parks in WV).  We brought home the logs we didn't use..they will NOT burn here.  They are some kind of magical wood that goes from unlit to ash in 2 minutes if taken out of a WV state park. I'm baffled by this.

  Michael makes the world's most perfect s'mores.  Perfectly melted marshmallows with a golden outside, chocolate is perfectly gooey...they look like commercial food photos!
Mine?  They look like a toddler's attempt.  Charred marshmallows, rock hard chocolate..I'm an excellent cook, for heaven's sake!
Maybe it's in his process.  He lays out all key ingredients before toasting the marshmallow, while I'm running around the yard with a flaming black blob on a stick looking for those stupid graham crackers.  Could be it.

Michael: Sam, that's kind of a big fire for 2 hot dogs and 4 marshmallows.
Me: Get the chainsaw.  Our fire is tiny and embarrassing.

The flowers are further away from the fire than it looks.
No flowers where harmed.
Or chairs.
Only husbands, and not intentionally.

Please ignore my mangled cuticles.
Come back in November if you want manicured hands.
Note the delightful BLACK marshmallow bit on the left side and nearly uncooked lump on the right.
 Oh, and rock hard chocolate.
I didn't take a photo of Michael's s'mores.  My tiny fire was embarrassing enough.