Friday, May 27

Oh good grief.

I strongly feel...

If you need instructions to open chocolate..

You shouldn't be eating it.

I noticed the instructions while reading the nutritional info.

Don't be me.
If you're eating chocolate, you KNOW the deal.  Reading the nutrition info in detail just makes your brain hurt.  Count your fat/sugars/calories/whatevers and move on.


I'm not eating chocolate for breakfast.

 I might dangle it in front of my nose to get through extreme ab, upper body and lower body boot camp.
Today is Triple Death Day.

I also have roughly 2 acres of grass to mow.
I sometimes regret not dropping the additional $ for self propelled.
The "self-propelled" in my mower means "when you lose control of the mower on a steep bank and it takes off without you".

God help me.