Saturday, May 28


It's bad enough my poor little porch lettuce got beat up by storms...but now there's a enormous groundhog butt on it- ew? (forget the fact she's eating all my porch easily accessible for lunch lettuce)
  This is war, GHog.
You, the deer and the rabbits accepted the bribe *money*, and with that agreed to keep your hairy rears away from the flower beds.  Not only did you break the got on my porch! Climbed 5 stairs!
That is clearly flaunting your disregard for the treaty.
You should remember I have a book on cooking ALL game.  Groundhog included.

There are FOUR dogs in the house praying for thumbs to open the door and eat her.  Not smart.

  I built another table yesterday from the bed slats.  A little table to fit between the lounge chairs on the pool deck.  Sadly, it's just dark green and not brilliant blue like the last table.  It's every bit

  I had big plans to mow, but then this rolled in...

YAY.  More storms. :|

The dogs and I were out for a walk and decided to haul it back to the house.
But, we stopped to admire the first peony bloom.  A little battered from the storm the night before, but still...

But after the storm rolled through it was a gorgeous evening.  Michael and I spent the evening outside, making plans and lists, enjoying the breeze and the scent of wisteria.

And slapping at the world's largest mosquito swarm.
I'm filling a kid's pool with DEET next time.  This is ridiculous.

We have to travel "to town" today.. blech.  An hour and a half spent just driving.
I'm such a hermit.